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Richard Ebert, suspense thriller novelist and travel photographer
Richard Ebert

Richard Ebert started as a photographer and cinematographer. Then he was president of two advertising agencies before becoming president of a consulting firm serving Fortune 500 companies in the US, Canada, Mexico and Chile. Since retiring, Richard has pursued three passions: writing, travel and photography. He lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with his wife and has two adult children plus two grandsons.

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Richard has written seven novels but, until recently, all were unpublished. “Creating suspenseful stories with interesting characters was a fun hobby. Entertaining only friends and family was initially gratifying. But now I invite a larger audience to experience the tumultuous lives of the imaginary people I’ve created and care for.”

The first novel Richard published in May 2024 was Silentcide: The Art of Undetected Killing. Coming in September 24, 2024, is the exciting sequel: Silentcide 2: Vengeance. Another Silentcide novel is being written featuring the international exploits of atypical assassins Chris Davis and his sister Michelle. Future plans include releasing two suspense novels set in the 1990s: The Manipulator and The Protector.

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