Silentcide 2: Vengeance

Silentcide Book 2: Vengeance - a suspense thriller by Richard Ebert

Releases September 24, 2024


Siblings Chris Davis and Michelle Barton are atypical silent assassins. They are smart, introspective and caring. Their desperate goal is to escape decades of oppression from Irene Shaw. She is refined yet ruthless … the essence of evil.

The thrilling sequel starts with explosive gunfire at Chris and Anna Monteiro, a woman he was hired to kill yet now protects. Together with Michelle and their former foster brother, the underdogs outrun bullets in Canada and the US while seeking vengeance against their tyrannical archenemy. Their teamwork is crippled by fear and mistrust.

Meanwhile, US senators are poisoned one by one. Irene’s plot threatens to ignite a national crisis prior to a presidential election. Action sizzles as the four struggle to save senators in Denver and Washington, DC. The final showdown against Irene’s brutality is do or die.

The twisting, character-driven thriller includes heroism, deceit, betrayal, romance and compassion, plus battles of wits and bullets.

QR codes link to 145 online photos of action scenes in 22 cities and 4 countries.

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