Silentcide: The Art of Undetected Killing


Chris Davis and his sister are orphaned after murdering their father. For a decade, they’re confined to an Amish farm and trained to become master assassins in the art of undetected killing.

While the siblings complete missions in Rome and Antwerp, a desperate Boston hedge fund manager makes a big bet that a biotech company has a cancer cure. Then the stock drops 73% and keeps falling.

In apparent retaliation, the siblings are assigned to murder a biotech executive. They plan to poison the target during a Caribbean cruise until Chris defies the order and goes rogue. He decides to protect Anna Monteiro at all costs, neutralize the hedge fund manager, blackmail a greedy drug company president, and kill his nemesis of 28 years. The results are catastrophic.

The suspense thriller includes brainwashing, sextortion, extortion, revenge, romance and omnipotent control over a network of assassins.

Intriguing, engaging & complex characters.

International thriller includes 135 online photos of action scenes in 15 cities in 6 countries.

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